About me

As far as I’m concerned I’ve always found such introductory parts boring, mainly because people try to represent  themselves better than they really are and try to convince the visitors of his or her site that they are the best in a certain field. Well, I’m not planning to do such thing. The “Portfolio” is there to do it for me.      

My name is Duna Csongor. I think that one’s name is important to be known, heard or read as many times as possible for promotional reasons.

Furthermore I assure you that I won’t tell you any stories about my past or future deeds or plans.


This website is made to present my works and to win some future contracts. The website has two parts. The first one tells you about my graphic works while the second is about the processable content.

For further information about me see “Contact”.


I don’t want to argue for myself anymore I’m sure that you visitors are more interested in the content of this website.

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